Sustainable Forestry
To manage for healthy ecosystems, the by-products of which are "goods and services".
Forest Product
By far the dominant commercial forest product, is used for many industrial purposes.
Plywood Trading
The company concentrated on its plywood processing plants, eventually becoming the market leader in plywood products.
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Head Office Jakarta
Factory Site - Juata Tarakan 77116 Indonesia
+62551-22908, 22909, 22910 (Hunting)
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Overview PT. Intracawood Manufacturing
In the relatively brief since its establishment intracawood has won a sterling reputation for both the excellence of its product and the superior levels of service it provides to customers. Those were two of our most important aims in founding the company.  
Our commitment to protection of the natural environment remains strong. For this reason, we follow all Indonesian goverment regulations and guidelines with regard to felling, replanting and preservation of the forest habitat. In so doing, we are helping to ensure that these valuable forestry resources will be avaiable for use by future generations.  
It was with great pride that our company received the prestigious Primaniyarta Award in 1993, presented by the Indonesian government for Intracawoods significant contribution to growth of the country's export trade. We appreciate this continuing opportunity to take part in Indonesia's push toward full development. We are grateful too, that our government has provide a positive business environment which allows Indonesian companies to demonstrate their capabilities.  
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